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How it works

We put the power of data directly in your hands. Bring your assets to life through our knowledge of structural health information, helping transform insight into impact.


Our technology uses hair-thin fibre optic sensors attached to a structure. Sensors measure changes as the structure responds to real loads.

These slight changes are captured and used to produce key structural health metrices.

Data and analytics

Data collected from the sensors is analysed and delivered directly to the asset owner or operator via an interactive interface.

Real-time monitoring

Remote, real-time monitoring enables asset owners to understand the structural health of their portfolio at any time.

Immediate notification of changes enables a proactive management approach that can help identify small issues before they become big problems.

How it can work for you

With the power of real-time information, asset owners and operators can make immediate, data-driven decisions, helping to:

  • focus limited maintenance budgets to where they’re needed most

  • delay unnecessary capital expenditure on refurbishment and replacement

  • optimise total costs

  • manage user and operational risk.

Learn how Eloque can provide an end-to-end structural health monitoring solution to help manage your asset portfolio.