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Eloque makes monitoring and maintaining infrastructure simpler, more precise, and safer. We help ensure assets are better maintained and more resilient.

Cost reduction

Eloque can help with long-term risk management, day to day management of asset usage and optimisation of an asset’s useful life: reducing the overall cost of ownership. Let us help you shift from traditional periodic maintenance process to a needs-driven, proactive model. Eloque ensures maintenance and capital expenditure funds are allocated to the most necessary projects.

  • Prioritise asset maintenance

    Target maintenance spend where it is needed most. Save time, money and resources for targeted reinvestment while managing your budgets confidently. Our rich insights on asset performance and predetermined alerts let you know when to act.

  • Operational efficiencies

    Eloque can form a key part of your integrated operational and response planning. With real-time knowledge of your asset’s condition in the event of an incident, you can determine whether it’s safe to use and shape the best response, while possibly avoiding costly and disruptive closures.

  • Data for specific remedies

    Rich data sets are used to create deep insights into dynamic load anomalies. Eloque’s solution can be trained to detect operational-specific load response signatures, which may result from collisions or other operational anomalies such as wheel flats.

  • Show real ROI

    Take a more accurate, proactive, and predictive approach to asset and operational management thanks to instant access to structural health data. Such a holistic view of each asset and the portfolio may lead to improved cost efficiency and savings – potentially resulting in improved asset portfolio ROI.

Risk Reduction

When incidents like bridge strikes or damaging weather take place, our real-time structural health monitoring solution can help to reduce asset owners’ operating risks through early detection and real-time alerts. Eloque’s technology can also help to reduce incidents of unaddressed or unreported damage that may pose safety risks if left undetected.

  • Keep people safe

    Eloque can give certainty and confidence to asset owners and managers, so they can ensure the infrastructure users rely on is safe to use. We bring you the necessary vision into an asset’s structural health so that the people using it don’t need to give it a second thought.

  • Know the condition of your asset

    Remove the risk of asset condition uncertainty. Real-time information can warn of damage requiring urgent attention before it’s visible to the human eye. Use dashboards to see precise and accurate information instantly with no need to wait for on-site inspections or the preparation of lengthy reports.

  • Reduce costs, to gain peace of mind

    Manage risk, expenditure, and maintenance effectively with data that can help you understand how your assets are working and how to get more out of them. Eloque can be tailored to provide alerts on prescribed parameters, so you can be confident that assets are operating safely, or identify problems early.

  • All the information at your fingertips

    Access the structural health and performance information you need – at your fingertips. With Eloque's easy-to-use mobile accessible insights, you’re in control. We provide direct access to the data in an easily understandable format anytime, anywhere.


Our technology puts real-time structural health information at your fingertips. With Eloque you can instantly see the condition of your asset and better manage maintenance of your portfolio.

  • Easy-to-view data, anytime, anywhere

    Access instant, near real-time information on easy-to-view interactive dashboards: live.

  • From innate assets to ones that speak volumes

    Leverage the power of AI and machine learning to turn data from silent assets into actionable insights that speak volumes.

  • Insights for decision making and cost reduction

    Getting the full picture across an asset portfolio allows better, more informed decision making, more precise resource allocation and cost efficiency.

  • See faults before humans can

    Eloque’s solution allows stakeholders to see faults before they are visible to the human eye. Take proactive measures to address issues before they become more significant.


By shifting to proactive asset management it’s possible to extend asset life while reducing unnecessary maintenance and inspection regimes. Ultimately, these changes can reduce an asset’s carbon footprint, contributing towards a more sustainable approach to managing infrastructure.

  • Sustainable investment and financial sustainability

    Contribute towards global carbon reduction by intelligently investing in new assets and demonstrating responsible carbon asset management and carbon footprint reduction.

  • Increase the life of your assets

    With Eloque, current, ageing built environments can be proactively managed to have longer, more productive lives, reducing the cycle of investment in carbon-expensive infrastructure.

  • Calculate an asset’s carbon footprint

    Eloque can help you to make measurable carbon emissions impact by applying proactive asset management and maintenance strategies, helping to extend an asset's life and reduce service requirements.

  • Build-in asset life improvement from the beginning

    Installing advanced sensor technology into new infrastructure during construction provides whole-of-life-insights and enables asset optimisation from the very beginning.


True innovation covers a range of outcomes including efficient whole-of-life costs management, serviceability benefits and step change in the asset management paradigm. Together we can create value through innovative technologies in the most applicable and proactive way.

  • Here’s how it works

    Get real-time information on easy-to-view interactive dashboards: live. We provide true visibility and objective information so you can innovate as you make decisions in real time.

  • Advanced sensor technology

    Data is gathered through advanced sensors inscribed in hair thin fibre optic strands, called Fibre Bragg Grating Filters (FBG). They collect data in real time that can be used to determine an asset’s structural health. Seamless analytics make information easy to see and use.

  • Based on Nobel prize-winning Australian research

    In 1915 Sir William Henry and William Lawrence Bragg won the Nobel Prize in Physics "for their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays”. Their Bragg's Law research began a revolution in data visibility that we're proud to carry on today.

  • We believe in continuous evolution

    The sensor cables supporting our innovation can be ‘set and forget’ – but the technology won’t be.