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Maryam Nasim

Dr Maryam Nasim is a structural bridge specialist with an analytical background in bridge vulnerability, damage, and risk assessment. Originally from Iran, Maryam completed her PhD at RMIT University, exploring bridge structural safety and reliability, and introducing a new damage index for assessment. At Eloque, she is currently designing the structural health monitoring (SHM) system to assess the structural response durability, ensure system integrity, and provide technical advice and maintenance.

Why did you get into engineering?

I chose Engineering to creatively improve the human lifestyle, change the world economically and efficiently, and sustainably conserve the earth's resources. My mission as a structural engineer is to observe faults, understand their causes, improve the methods of detection, and increase the durability of an asset. This avoids consuming more natural resources for sustainable engineering solutions.

Being a structural engineer, I see a lot of bridges being constructed without considering how using these resources could impact our lifestyle in the future. Secondary to the construction of a bridge to create a more convenient and sustainable lifestyle, maintenance of an asset is an engineer's core mission. Increasing the durability of the structure is vital to mitigate natural resource consumption. The Eloque system will provide the technology for asset owners to monitor the true structural capability and do any necessary strengthening without using too many resources.

Where did you study engineering?

I completed my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Iran. Back then, very smart people did engineering, and an outstanding percentage of them was women. I found myself passionate and talented in mathematics in high school, and problem-solving was one of my most interesting hobbies. So doing algebra and solving overly complex equations was exciting and fulfilling for me. This background led me to step out in engineering because I dreamed of solving complex problems of solid mechanics in real life.

I then completed my PhD in structural analysis at RMIT and specialised in bridges. This was a way to figure out the scientific gaps in asset management and challenge myself with complex equations and critical solutions. I was passionate about solid mechanics and material behaviour. I found my interest in predicting and creating the best methodology for conserving a structure. My PhD focused on crack propagation and the bridge's response after a crack.

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