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Prakash Sankaran

Prakash is a third-generation civil engineer working on building and infrastructure projects for over 20 years. At Eloque, he is a Senior Project Manager focusing on deploying Eloque's solution as part of the $50m Victorian Department of Transport program.

Why did you get into engineering?

I'm a third-generation civil engineer in my house, so while I was growing up, it felt like becoming an engineer was a natural choice. When I finished year 10, I went straight into a civil engineering diploma. I was so excited that I wanted to get out quickly and be deployed on-site.

Back in the day, it was normal for everyone to go into building high-rises and residential sites. I did that for seven years before I got my first break into the corporate infrastructure world in 2006, installing pile foundations. A hundred piles in 90 days. I realised pretty quickly that it was repetitive and boring, and I wanted to shift my focus to heavy civil and infrastructure projects.

I've now worked with oil and gas companies in the Middle East, built alumina and fertiliser plants, viaducts for metro rail in India, roads in Papua New Guinea, and completed my master’s degree in Australia.

What is it about engineering that you really enjoy?

Being in construction, there is no such thing as perfection, right? It's dynamic; we can change things on the fly. And at the end, when the product comes up, when the bridge is built, everyone sees it from the outside. This bridge is great, right? However, the person that builds the bridge will know what the issues were, not necessarily the person whose job is to preserve it. Eloque is the disruptive technology to ensure the bridge does what it was supposed to do. It can warn people early that it's not working as per the design. So, it's not just the bridge that excites me, but about getting the efficiency out of the finished build.

What would you say to young people considering a career in engineering?

Don't sit in the office. You will get more experience working on-site, particularly in the early days of your career. You can always come back to an office environment at a later stage.

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